Dinesh Bafna

Successful Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Dinesh Bafna Cleveland – An Excellent Businessman and Leader

Dinesh Bafna is a recognized fine surface material supplier. Having started Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. in a small warehouse in 1989, Dinesh Bafna, the President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. has expanded to eight divisions across the Midwest,

He has come a long way with his hard work and dedication to serve his customers with nothing but the best in class products. Moreover, Bafna is a man of ethics and is not afraid to walk the extra mile to meet the needs of his customers. He is known to customize products as per their requirements, to leave his customers satisfied. This is the reason one would not come across any complaints about Dinesh Bafna. He has a bunch of happy clients and customers who reach out to him repeatedly for their needs.

There are some details of Dinesh Bafna that are not known by many. He believes in developing himself and his staff. For this, he attends several workshops and acquires knowledge regarding the latest advancements in the fine surface material technology. He shares this knowledge with his staff. 

Since he focuses on the development of his staff, they are fully supportive of him even during pressing situations. Bafna is known to get any task accomplished even when the situations are not favorable. He as well is capable of taking calculated risks for the benefit of his business. Furthermore, Dinesh is a fine communicator and has built valuable business relationships owing to his communication. His relations with advisors, investors and influential businessmen has helped him identify and tap prime business opportunities. All this combined resulted in the growth of his business, enhanced customer base and increased revenue.

Some of the personal details about Dinesh Bafna Cleveland, he graduated from Bowling Green State University, got married to Sangita Bafna and has two sons – Kunal and Kurren.

His traits include his belief in giving back to the community from which he earns. For this, he has associated himself to quite a few non-profits and tirelessly works for the welfare of people.

On the business front, he has gained and honed massive understanding of the business world, technology, economics, politics, history, etc. This powerhouse of knowledge is what makes him class apart and allows him an edge over his competitors. Bafna will not indulge in fraudulent practices, thereby garnering the trust of his peers and associates. He lives up to the reputation of an ethical businessman, that is hard to find in these times.

It is owing to his reputation that the likes of Susie Frazier got into partnership with him to develop a new lifestyle product. This product will help people realize the importance of spaces in which they live and the impact of individuality, thus, enhancing their quality of life.

In summary, Cleveland’s Dinesh Bafna holds strong organizational skills, efficacy in productivity and commitment to work.

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