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Successful Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Cleveland’s Dinesh Bafna reviews- A story of success

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Dinesh Bafna is an entrepreneur.  His success story is an example for others but this is not the end of his story. He is not just a business owner, he is everywhere working with non-profit organizations, managing departments, running a successful family life, overseeing projects, maintaining top customer satisfaction, leading investors and, finally, raising children. Dinesh Bafna’s background says that he came up a long way to achieve his success today. He did not wake up one morning deciding to establish his business and earned millions. He invested thirty years of hard work, excellent business ideas, risk calculation skills, skills of decision making and relation-building capacity to establish his own custom-made business world. He started it back in 1989 with a small warehouse and ended up with the success reality of today.

He is now the President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite Inc. He is a Cleveland based businessman. Dinesh Bafna’s reviews are incomplete without a glimpse of his early life story.

After completing his graduation from Bowling Green State University, he started to shape up his own dream that he is now living. His life and his background are inspirational for every aspiring youth who wants to establish their own business. Throughout the entire Midwest, his business has now expanded to eight Divisions.

Dinesh Bafna is a great businessman because he impacts his clients and investors in very positive manners and leaves a long-lasting impression on them. He gives them proper respect and importance. There is no Dinesh Bafna negative story because he deeply believes in honesty and business ethics, and Dinesh Bafna follows them always. Another trait of this successful businessman is that he has a never-ending quest to learn. By attending several training sessions and workshops, he keeps himself updated on the latest technological and business advancements and imparts that to his own team.

The sense of integrity, clear vision and management skills of Dinesh Bafna allow him to run his productive and efficient organization.

About Dinesh Bafna:

Cleveland’s Dinesh Bafna has achieved great knowledge of technology, business world, economics and other important aspects of the business world. Keen knowledge of business and efforts helped him to stay on top of business competition.

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Dinesh Bafna
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Entrepreneur and Business Leader
Mont Surfaces
6130 Cochran Road Solon, OH 44139,
Cochran Road Solon, Ohio, 44139